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Overnight Room Rates

  Single Occupancy Double Occupancy Triple Occupancy
Non profit Private Non profit Private Non profit Private
May 1 - October 31 $68 $68+ tax $78 $78 + tax $88 $88+ tax
November 1-April 30 $59 $59 + tax $69 $69 + tax $79 $79 + tax

*Meals are available and reservations can be made at the time of your booking.
Shared bathroom: Room rate is $10 less than seasonal room rate for single, double, and triple rooms.

Meeting Room Rates

Rates vary depending on a number of factors, including day group size, overnight group size, inclusion of meals, profit and non-profit status. Our reservations coordinator can help you sort through the needs of your group and what will be most cost-effective for a successful event.

Stonehaven Event Center

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If you would like a tour of our facility prior to booking an event, it is highly recommended that you schedule an appointment in advance.   Our conference and guest rooms are heavily utilized making availability for viewing unpredictable; walk-ins may not be accommodated.

Call 719-955-7025 to schedule a tour.