The Franciscan Retreat Center... a very unique facility.

Important information

The Retreat Center guest sleeping rooms are not air-conditioned. They all have ceiling fans and windows that open to let in the fresh air. Given the stone buildings, our Colorado air, and mild weather, most guest rooms are quite comfortable.

Guest rooms do not have televisions or phones.
Phones are available in the lobbies. Wi-fi is available at no charge.

There are no elevators in our facilities. Our largest building has 3 flights of stairs. It is important when making a reservation you let the receptionist know if you need a first floor room.

Our Guest Dining Room is approximately a 100 yard walk from our main building.

Since we are a retreat center, we are not staffed 24-7. Typically front-desk staff is available 8 am-5 pm M-F, and varying times on weekends based on occupancy.
Arrivals after 5:00 pm in the evening are not typically accommodated due to staffing.

The Retreat Center does not provide “guided” retreats not do we provide retreat programs. Spiritual Direction is available via independent consultants. You should make arrangements with them directly before or during your stay. The reservations coordinator can provide you with contacts.

Children: The Retreat center welcomes children however, because of our unique atmosphere children often find themselves a bit bored and being quiet can be challenging especially for babies and toddlers.  We ask that you make your decision to stay based on the comfort of our other guests who are seeking a “retreat experience.”

Marijuana although now legal in Colorado, is still prohibited under federal law
and is not permitted on campus.

All of our buildings are non-smoking. Smoking is allowed in outside areas.

The campus contains other ministries including a Catholic parish, large nursing home, counseling center, sister’s convent, and private residences. We ask you be respectful of the other entities while staying with us.

We do have many, many deer, that are typically unbothered by your presence. We also have a multitude of birds and the occasional bear, fox and wild turkey.
Please be aware of your surroundings, especially in the evenings.

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