The Franciscan Retreat Center
& Mount St. Francis

The Congregation of the Sisters of St. Francis of Perpetual Adoration were founded in Olpe, Germany, in 1863, by Mother Theresia Bonzel, who was recently beatified by Pope Francis. The primary puposes and/or ministries of the Congregation at the time which continue today are: Living the Gospel; Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament; Caring for the sick, elderly, poor and powerless; Education; Responding to unmet needs of others.

In 1875, the political unrest in Germany made the further growth of the Congregation impossible, curbing many of the activities to the religious life of the Sisters. Receiving an invitation from an American Bishop the sisters headed to the United States and arrived in Lafayette, Indiana where they promptly established a hospital and school. Their growth continued until 1932 when they decided to expand their ministry further west to Denver, Colorado. The Denver sisters were blessed with the gift of a large estate (formerly The Modern Woodmen of America Tuberculosis Sanatorium) in Colorado Springs.

In 1954 the sisters moved to Colorado Springs and named their campus Mount St. Francis. The Mount is “home” to all of the Sisters of St. Francis, and particularly to the sisters who live and minister here. In addition to being their home, Mount St. Francis is also the location of their following ministries: MSF Nursing Center, Franciscan Community Counseling, Saint Francis of Assisi Parish, Women Partnering and of course the Franciscan Retreat Center.

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